Another successful year behind us, THANK YOU ALL, MATES !

It was a bit hectic, with plenty of work during last year (still better than be bored with doing nothing :) ) and we proudly moved to new decade, more strong and optimistic after desired and deserved holidays with families.

We start with new projects and extensions of our services right from beginning of the year, soon you will be informed about all. Keeping fingers crossed all goes fine with our effort, we believe we are starting new successful period with our partners and mates. Looking forward to that very much and WISHING TO EVERYBODY - ALL THE VERY BEST !




We are proud to have new mates on board and wish them to enjoy work, our team and feel good working with us to provide your best! Starting with Jan - maintenance, following with Alexandra - administration, Matej - maintenance, Patrik - maintenance support and Radoslav - maintenance, while Kamila precisely and promptly working at logistics, with Peter - new maintenance manager and Filip - CAMO manager chalanging their new roles in managing maintenance and CAMO/engineering departments, we are now strong, healthy, experienced, young with new dynamics and ready for new chalanges and new activities for our valued business partners.


 Thank You, Mates :-) / December 2018

Although not easy at all, we are closing another year sucessfully and that is only because of you - our valued customers, partners and company mates. We wish you all the very best with your belowed ones and looking for next cooperations in coming year. Thank You !






CAMO / JULY 2017

After few months of preparations, we are happy to inform you that we successfully reached our next goal of establishing independent Continued Aircraft Management Organization (CAMO) and since July 25th we are authorized CAMO under approval No. SK.MG.049


Visiting Fokker Services B.V./ May 2017

one of our valuable supplier and shop service provider

This cooperation is aiming to continually improve our F70/100 service performance and improve our serviceability specifically in raising our reactivity. We will work together to comply with our customer’s requirements in the best possible manner.


New offices at BTS Airport October 2016

As we are gradually, but carefully growing with activities at our Bratislava airport base, we are returning with offices to industrial area of the airport, please note our new office address: Aviamate s.r.o., Ivanska cesta 65, 821 04 Bratislava. All of you - our mates are warmly welcommed here.