Aviamate in brief

 -    young and experienced (est. 2011) dynamic company based in heart of Europe focusing on providing aviation professional services to our valuable customers and partners.

Thanks to our partners, international network and experienced team, Aviamate is proud to advise in a wide range of technical, consultancy and training services. 


Basic Aviamate objective regarding our aviation activities is complete and independent oversight relating your complex aircraft and fullfilling your aviation needs mainly at technical aspects of aircraft operation and maintenance, aiming:

  • to ensure the safety and airworthiness of your aircraft by meeting strict regulations and standards and by performing professional aircraft maintenance,
  • to provide complience of your company with aviation comprehensive requirements in force,
  • to bring you knowledge about new and standard practicies and regulations during our training sessions and seminars,
  • to protect your investment during ecquisition, sale and maintaining aircraft assets  and during whole your ownership,
  • to welcome you as our mate and treat you by a professional, friendly and cooperative manners