Consultancy and Advisory

Consultancy and advisory services of Aviamate focus on the business aspects of aviation and assist in the process of making decisions with respect to the location, management and operation of the aircraft. Aviamate serves a wide range of clients, such as aircraft owners and operators, well established corporations, banks and other financial institutions. Each service is tailored to meet the specific needs and objectives of the client. 


Aviamate provides a wide range of consultancy and advisory services, which cover all the aspects related to the operation of an aircraft:

  • assistance in the incorporation process in all aspects related to business
  • management of the relationship with the aviation authorities
  • consultancy and management of registration of an aircraft, procedures for cancellation, issuing, renewal of certificate of airworthiness
  • mainenance supervision during signifiant maintenance events and aircraft transactions ( as well organization of events, e.g. PPI)
  • aircraft documentation reviews for potential buyers and aircraft owners
  • different technical services connectednot only to aircraft transfer of ownership / operation, ...