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Aircraft Maintenance

Aeroplanes have to be safe, and they have to be ready for take-off on time – this is basically what line maintenance is all about !

We offer more than just technical support, you will find a wide array of very flexible maintenance solutions tailored to your needs. They all share a single focus: meeting your MRO requirements to increase your competitiveness.

We have highly qualified and motivated line maintenance engineers available at our stations throughout Slovakia, as well as possibility to quickly establish an international station basically anywhere in EU. Also, we can provide you just manpower to cover your seasonal peaks.

Our wide variety of services includes line maintenance, technical assistance for transit, layover or night stopping aircraft available for quite a range of regional aircraft/engine type combinations listed in the table below.

As one of the biggest advantages of Aviamate, we can offer you a complete package for your fleet or aircraft from aircraft transactions, buying, consultancy, insurance, trainings, maintenance, paint support, weight and balance, CAMO, component services*, disassembly / dismantling and even more. Together with our network of international partners, we believe to be able to fulfil most of your aviation technical needs covered by a single and reliable company that you can rely on in every situation.

We are also experienced with VIP services and Government flights complaining with highest safety and security standards.

We can provide you with maintenance for the following aircraft types:

Aircraft Type Engines Line Base
A320 Family Line Mnt Airbus A320 Family CFM 56, IAE V2500, IAE V2522-A5 yes no
Fokker 70 / 100 Cessna XL/XLS PWC PW545 yes no
Dash DHC-8 Q400 Dash DHC-8 PW150A yes no
Embraer ERJ 190 / 195 Embraer E190/195 GE CF34-10E yes no
Fokker 70 / 100 Fokker 70/100 RR Tay 650-15, RR Tay 620-15 yes no

Aircraft Maintenance

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